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1 year old Yellow Crowned Amazon.

Young bred in the 2010 season.
Yellow crowned Amazon.

Latin name for subspecies we breed:

Amazona Ochrocephala Ochrocephala.

The Yellow Naped Amazon is from the Ochrocephala family with the Yellow Crowned Amazon being the nominate species.

There are nine better known subspecies recognised in this family group being the:

Yellow Crowned Amazon - nominate species -
Amazona Ochrocephala Ochrocephala.

                   Double Yellow Headed Amazon - Amazona Ochrocephala Oratrix.

                   Tres Marias Amazon - Amazona Ochrocephala Tresmarias.

                   Marajo Amazon - Amazona Ochrocephala Xantholaema.

                   Panamensis Amazon - Amazona Ochrocephala Panamensis.

                   Then there are four subspecies of the Yellow Naped Amazon.

                   Yellow Naped Amazon - Amazona Ochrocephala Auropalliata.

                   Yellow Naped Amazon - Amazona Ochrocephala Hondurensis

                   Yellow Naped Amazon - Amazona Ochrocephala Caribaea.

                   Yellow Naped Amazon - Amazona Ochrocephala Parvipes.

All of these types of birds are from

North - North east of Mexico and

the west Mexican Island coast line.

It is the Island subspecies that differ in appearance having been separated through the generations and the reason they appear different from each other but still belong to the same family group.

Yellow Crowned Amazons

The Yellow Crowned Amazon - Amazona Ochrocephala Ochrocephala is from the Venezuela - Columbia area, a strip through Peru and on the bottom section of the border of Mexico. Their outstanding feature is their white skinned eye ring.

These birds have some red coloured feathers on the bend of the wings and orange to pink colour on the sides of the beak.

They especially benefit from vitamin A based veg like all the fruit and vegetables that contain plenty of vitamin A eg; red capsicums, carrots, beetroot and their leaves, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds,etc.

They relish a small seed mix as well, just make sure there is no sunflower seed in with the seed mix as they will throw the small seeds out to get to the sunflower seed.

As well as needing access to sunlight to absorb Vitamin D3, a component needed for good feather structure, calcium can be administered (via a liquid on their food or in the form of Cuttle bone) and shell grit.

Yellow Crowned hatchling from 2008.

1 Day old Yellow Crowned Amazon chick.

Incubation period of the eggs is, like most Amazons,

around the 26 day mark

depending on the temperature of the season.

1 Day old Yellow Crowned Amazon chick.

They will lay two clutches if the first clutch

is taken for incubation by the breeder.

The clutches range from two to four eggs per clutch.

18 Day old Yellow Crowned Amazon chick.2008

25 Day old Yellow Crowned Amazon chick 2008.

Young Yellow Crowned Amazon - Amazona Ochrocephala Ochrocephala, will often resemble a Yellow naped Amazon if the viewer doesn't pay close attention to the eye ring.

These birds are quite vocal and are an excellent mimicker, often talking, whistling laughing and singing more than making their own sounds.

They are one of the larger, more confident intelligent species, and seem to have the most out-going character out of the Amazon species available in this country. Some clips of these birds performing are on the internet.

They are easy to maintain and mainly hardy, robust and entertaining birds to keep.

Young from the 2008 season.
1 year old Yellow Crowned Amazon .

Reports are coming in that this species is not as easy to breed as the Blue Fronted Amazons and we would have to agree with that statement.

Pairs will often still breed when not completely compatible and only produce infertile eggs, it shows again that compatibillity is the key to most successes.

Young from the 2009 season.
1 year old Yellow Crowned Amazon .

Yellow Crowned Amazon breeding program.

Having said that, one of our pairs bred when the hen bird was 2 1/2 and the cock bird 3 1/2 years old and have never stopped.

This species is very protective of their breeding space in the breeding season like most Amazons.

During incubation the hen only rarely will be seen out of the nest and mainly ventures out just before dusk to stretch, defecate and grab a quick bite to eat, the rest of the time the cock bird takes food to the hen.

Young bred in the 2011 season. Yellow Crowned and

Yellow Crowned (which have the white eye rings).

The diet is like all the other Amazons and consists of plenty of fruit and vegetables raw or cooked in its diet as well as rice, pasta, sprouted seeds etc.

Young bred in the 2012 season. Yellow Crowned and

Yellow Crowned (which have the white eye rings).


Young Yellow Crowned bred in the 2014 season.

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