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Some of the Single Factor pieds we have bred.

The pied Rainbows was a late acquisition to our breeding program but we knew that this colour would be in demand for may years.

These are photos of birds we have bred in the past and have been sold or kept back for the future breeding stock.

  One of the first Sf we bred.  One of the first Sf we bred.

This colour makes people take a second look. These birds have an extremely long future because it can be used with so many other mutation colours.

 Young bird .pic taken 12-8-05.  Young bird , pic taken 12-8-05.

There are exciting times ahead in the lorikeet group and this mutation will play a big part in it.

The pieds are Co/Dominant in their genetic make up, splits (or streakies) are considered to be Single Factor and coloured pieds Double Factor.

 Young bird .pic taken 12-8-05.  Young bird , pic taken 12-8-05.

Have a close look at these birds and you may find like I do that this is a very stunning colour in their own right and soon we will have the Cinnamon and the Mustard Single Factor and hopefully the same in the Double factor colour.

 .  .

These colours are getting more and more popular as breeders discover them.

 Young bird at 11 months .pic taken 18-5-06.  Young bird at 11 months , pic taken 18-5-06.

As we are getting fertile eggs at long last in the beginning of the 2006 season, we are pretty confident that this may be the year for the new colours.

2005 was a tough year for birds and breeders because of a long hot summer.

  Normal Single Factor Pied .  Normal Single Factor Pied .

In all the years of breeding we hadn't seen heat as high and for as long as in that year.

We hope you enjoy this page, it will be updated as we breed birds with more colour.

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