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Above you see a Melanistic Red Fronted and below we have the Blue type colouration.

Red Fronted Melanistic Rainbow

The Red & Blue Fronted Melanistic Rainbow is one of the rarer mutations of the last 20 years.

This mutation is much like the Melanistic black Stella lory, only the Melanistic Rainbow lorikeets are part Melanistic.

Had this mutation been a full Melanistic mutation then we would see a Black bird. This mutaton is recessive in its genetic make up and has the capability to hide colours.

What we end up with is a Rainbow lorikeet without the colours red and yellow in the Blue variation and just with green and blue, it is a stunning bird in itself.

As we know green is made up of yellow and blue so we therefore know that it is hiding yellow, also some birds have a fusion of red showing through the feathers.

We are also working on a Red fronted melanistic bird, this bird will have the same characteristics as the blue fronted with the difference being that these birds will have bright red fronts.

The extra red will assist to put more colour in the crossing over to other mutations, but retain black under wing colour and absences of most of the yellow colouration.

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