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The nursery project.


The nursery project.

In the year 2000 we made the decision to work towards full time breeding in 5 years.We realised that to do this we would have to go up a level in our nusery managment, incubation and hand rearing husbandry.

From that idea followed the plans for a new facility. We commenced building the framework in our workshop early January 2000 and finished the last plastering and painting in about May 2001.

So, 16 months of part-time working on this project saw us moving in before the winter.

All walls were made from 25 x 32 x 1.6 Rectangle tubing lined with gyprock and weather board for the wet areas.

All the outside walls were insulated as well as the ceilings.

We built in a Z-shape to incorporate an existing gum-tree and at the rear side the existing water-bore and tank stand.

As can be seen in the photos, it was a wet year during the building period which slowed us down somewhat and the bulk had to be built in the little spare time we were getting between normal business and the ever bigger job of all that is involved in running a 100 aviary complex.

We included in the plans room for :

* Incubation cubicle

* Hatching & first stage hand-rearing room

* Second stage hand-rearing room

* Weaning room

* Storeroom

* Kitchen / food preparing area.

We now enjoy a work area that is much easier to keep clean, purpose-built and appreciate the fact the weaning room is shut off from the main work-area, so we aren't affected by the noise from weaning birds.

Hand-rearing is a year round job for us, so every part that can be made less stressful is a bonus.

Most chicks are taken from the parents at the time that the chicks need a legring, being around the age of 20 days in most species. The exception is for some species that have chicks with thicker feet at a younger age.

Chicks are handreared in batches and therefore can interact with their own species at all times, this is important if the chicks are bred for the breeders market.

Some birds that have been orderd for the pet market get more attention and are handreared separately to allow them to bond more to humans.

This all is to give you some insight as to how the birds that we sell were handled before you buy them.

Incubation cubicle.

First stage room.

Second stage room.

Food preparation area.

Weaning room.

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