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Cock bird

  Mustard Redcollar Lorikeet 

We all at Utopia Birds have been working towards this new colour since the middle of 1997.It was originally bred from a Cinnamon Rainbow Lorikeet bloodline. It has been a challenge and a lot of work, but we think worth it. Although we have a long way to go we have so far some nice looking birds.

Australian first Mustard Redcollar Lorikeet.

Bred on: 18 - 10 - 2004 !

Australia's first Mustard Redcollar hen bird

As can be seen the Mustard mutation has a beatifull GOLD colour and is set of well with the red and orange colours. this gives the colour a real royal look and is a stunning bird in any collection.

The genetics of this mutation.

The mustard Red collar has a recessive and a dominant gene, what does this mean ?

For starters the mustard Red collar is a Dilute Grey Green mutation colour.
Dilute is better known as Cinnamon and Grey Green known as Olive.
The better known terms are both the wrong terminology, but describe the colour better.

Let's take the Recessive gene or the Dilute part:

It means that you need the gene on both sides of the sexes to produce the mutation colour.

So the least you need is two splits to produce the colour of a Dilute.

To get the Mustard colour we need the above plus the dominant Grey Green colour on at least one side of the splits.

The dominant gene action:

If this colour is bred to a Normal bird it produces Normal and coloured offspring.

The pairing results are as follows:

Dilute X Normal = 100% split for Dilute

Dilute split X Dilute split = 25% Normals + 50% splits + 25% Dilutes

Dilute X Dilute = 100% Dilutes

Now we mix the Grey Green mutation in with the Dilute
and the same formula is used with a slight difference.

Dilute X Grey Green = 100% splits some Normal and some Grey Green splits.

Grey Green split Dilute X Normal split Dilute = 25% Normal or Grey Greens + 50% Normal split Dilutes or Grey Green split Dilute + 25% Dilute or Mustard.

Dilute X Grey Green split Dilute = 50% split Dilute in Normal and Grey Green + 50% colour in Dilute and Mustard.

Dilute X Mustard = 100% colour in Dilutes and Mustards.

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