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(Pair of jade rainbow lorikeets)

Jade Rainbow

The Jade Rainbows are a Co-Dominant mutation that has two steps to the full colour being the true double factor Olive Rainbow lorikeet.

The sex of the jades can be determent by looking at the colour of the birds. The cock birds are always darker then the hens.

You can see the difference in the photo above where the cock bird is facing left and the hen right.

This colour is still a favoured with many breeders specially when seen in the full sun.

When bred to the Melanistic Blue fronted colour we get the Jade blue melanistic colour another long favoured.

As like the Co-dominant Pied mutation we are dealing with a single factor colour this being the Jade colour and the double factor being the true Olive colour mutation.

The Co-dominant double factor true Olive colour is the full colour. Breeding Olive to Olive is surpose to produce darker birds this has not been completely proven so far.

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