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Last updated on: 23 - 11 - 2014

Welcome to Utopia Birds

We are in the process of updating this website over the next month or so.

For those viewing on a mobile the MENU is right at the bottom of the pages!

It will make the navigation a lot easier as well as adding an extra 20 pages of information and photos.

We wish you a very good and safe festive season

from us at Utopia Birds

and hope to see you visiting our pages as we upload them.

At present the menu will take you to the old pages till we upload the new ones.

Thanks for your patience.

There are quite a few pages with information about hand rearing details,
which are our own detailed data collected from
the years we have been breeding.

This information is to give back to those who have
supported us in the past and
the new breeders venturing into aviculture.

We hope to create new pages as we find time.

For now, we at Utopia Birds hope you will enjoy
your journey through our webpages and hope
to see you back to view what is the
latest on our for sale list.

Yellow-winged reverse Dilute DF Pied Rainbow Lorikeet.

To view what we have on offer

click on our menu (top left of screen) and look under 2014
bred Amazon listing.

We will be constantly uploading new
photos of birds as they become available.

Almost all photos have hot links to the
species details within this website.

To view details click on the photos
or browse through our menu.

Double Yellow-headed Amazons

Yellow-crowned Amazons

Yellow-naped Amazons

Blue-fronted Amazons

Blue-fronted Amazons

Yellow-winged Blue-fronted Amazons

Yellow-winged Blue-fronted Amazons

Blue & Gold Macaws

Sold taking orders for the 2014 breeding season.

Blue & Gold Macaw Juvenile

Parents: 'Mac and Honey'
Closed rung - PK 501 M&H

DNA sexed : hen bird

Deposits on confirmed orders are essential
as these birds do sell pretty fast

Deposits can be as low as $200.00
(and some people choose to pay the bird/s off
in instalments over the time that they become available)

WA Lutino Galahs

Photo showing a Lutino Hen bird
and a Split Lutino Cock Bird
displaying the colour difference

Upcoming events

Next Auctions ******* Summer Sale auction *******

This is the pre-'Orange bird sale' auction
which will run for 8 days and

be held on a date yet to be determined

in Jan - 2015

Free freight of winning lots to the
'Orange bird sale'
for pick up

For those buyers who wish to buy offline please view our
contact page
to make contact with us

'The Summer Auction'


There will be some 50+ lots up for grabs

both native and exotic birds

This is an auction not to be missed!

All birds can be air-freighted to any airport handling livestock within Australia

 Utopia Bird Autions
Clicking on the logo will take you straight there

Info for all auction newcomers

How does this auction work?

Firstly you need to register with 'U.B. Auctions' at the web address -

 Utopia Bird Autions
Clicking on the logo will take you straight there

Ones there you have the luxury of purchasing birds at auction from the comfort of your own living space.

At online auction you can scrutinise the birds fully, with full page photos and have a good close look at what you are spending your money on. This is hard to do if the bird is flying around an aviary or hops about in a show box.

The highest bidder, after the reserve price has been met, wins the lot number.

If the reserve isn't met, the highest bidder will have the chance of a counter offer on the lot number, a figure between their last high bid and the reserve, after the sale.

All birds will be air freighted to any airport handling livestock within Australia.

No birds are freighted till payment has been received.

The auction is for within Australia only.

Single Factor Lutino Pied PK 2330 Blue - (sold)

Sorry all SOLD - unrelated WA Lutino Galahs

Lutino Hen bird Ring

and a Split Lutino Cock Bird ring

After two years of working on this colour,
the Double Factor Dilute and the new Mustard DF Pied is here.

The Mustard DF Pied looks like it is going to be a
Mustard Black-eyed Yellow Pied.
These two birds were bred in July 2011, from our
Yellow-winged Rainbow Lorikeet bloodline.

This bloodline mainly breeds reverse type Pieds and
the parents of these chicks were two

Yellow Winged Olive SF split Dilute Pieds.

These two birds are now sold.

You can read all the details by going to the
'Dilute DF Pied' link

Click on the picture above to view details

WA Lutino Galahs from 2009

The first clutch consisted of 1- Lutino cock bird,
1 Lutino hen bird plus 1 split Lutino cock bird
now all sold
Below are some of the photos of the young




Sold - Lutino Hen bird

look what turned up in the next clutch

This is hard to explain, but we have just proven that it is possible to be lucky enough to get two Pastels in the one clutch and that's not where it stops. These two birds were bred by the same two double splits that produced the last Aqua Pastel. This time around we got the (world first?!) first ever Aqua Grey-green Dilute Melanistic and an Aqua Dilute Melanistic in the same clutch, not bad considering the expectation of only 1 in 16 chicks to be a Pastel!

Mustard Single Factor Pied Rainbow Lorikeet

For more details on what we have for sale click here:
The Main For Sale List page

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