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Welcome to Utopia Birds

We mainly concentrate on the breeding of parrots with pet potential. For the first 10 years we were selling a steady supply of lorikeets, broadtails and Greencheeked Conures to the pet market. Since then we have been working with the Redtail Black Cockatoo and different species of Amazons & Macaws and other exotics. We are also establishing new mutation colours in Rainbow and Redcollared Lorikeets for the breeders' market. There are quite a few pages with information about handrearing details, which are our own detailed data, collected from the years we have been breeding. This information is to give back to those that have supported us in the past and the new breeders venturing into aviculture. We hope to create new pages as we find time. For now, we at Utopia Birds hope you will enjoy your journey through our webpages and hope to see you back to view what is the latest on our for sale list.

To view what we have on offer,

click on our 2013 bred Amazon listing on the left index.

We will be uploading new birds in the next few weeks.

Coming up soon!

Three Lilac Crowns

No Double Yellow Headed this year, sorry.

2 Yellow Crowned Amazon

5 Yellow Naped Amazon

6 Blue Fronted Amazon

Blue Fronted Amazon

7 Yellow Winged Blue Fronted Amazon

Yellow Winged Blue Fronted Amazon

Blue & Gold Macaw.

We have 3 young we are handrearing now for sale from the 2013 season!

Blue & Gold Macaw Baby.

First one.
Hatched:Oct 28 - 2013

Parents Porsha and Jason ,

DNA sexed : Will know soon.

Second one.
Hatched:Nov 27 - 2013

Parents Dina and Bently,
Closed rung - PK 403 B&D

DNA sexed : to be sexed soon.

Third one.
Hatched:Nov 29 - 2013

Parents Mac and Honey
Closed rung - PK 501 M&H

DNA sexed : to be sexed soon.

For sale ! .

Deposits for the 2012 season are essential as these birds do sell pretty fast.

Deposits can be as low as $200.00 (and some people choose to pay the bird/s off in instalments over the time that they become available).

WA Lutino Galahs

After an absence of WA Lutino Galahs last year, we are happy to tell that they did better this year, with one pair producing 3 Lutino cock bird!

All for sale - 3 WA Lutino Galahs cock birds phtos still to be up loaded..

Photo showing is a Lutino Hen bird and a Split Lutino Cock Bird to show the colour difference.

Upcoming events.

Next Auctions:

******* Spring Sale auction *******

This is the pre-Singleton bird sale auction will go for 8 days and

will be held from

time to be set for Jan - 2014

Free freight of winning lots to the Singleton bird sale for pick up.


"The Spring Auction"

for 2014.

There will be some 40+ lots up for grabs,

Both native and exotic birds.

This is an auction not to be missed!

can be freighted anywhere in Australia.

Good luck to all and happy bidding.

 Utopia Bird Autions
Clicking on the logo will take you straight there.

!!!!!! To all auction newcomers !!!!!!!!!

How does this auction work?

Firstly you need to register with "U.B. Auctions" at the web address -

 Utopia Bird Autions
Clicking on the logo will take you straight there.

Then you have the luxury of purchasing birds at auction from the comfort of your own living space.

At online auction you can scrutinise the birds fully, with full page photos and have a good close look at what you are spending your money on. This is hard to do if the bird is flying around an aviary or hops about in a show box.

The highest bidder after the reserve price has been met, wins the lot number.

If the reserve isn't met, the highest bidder will have the chance of a counter offer on the lot number, a figure between their last high bid and the reserve, after the sale.

All birds will be air freighted anywhere in Australia.

No birds are freighted till payment has been received.

This auction is for within Australia only.

Good luck bidding.

Upcoming events.

click on the picture to visit.

Please help us spread awareness and have a look at our town's facebook page, 'like' it (and share it) to get full details on a daily basis of our progress.

We are trying to get as many likes as possible to take to the court hearing on the 6th Nov 2013. For more information you can go to our Community Auction Group web page.

Or click on the picture to visit.

Utopia Birds is still under attack!

Mac court adjourned till November 2013.

Aug. 5, 2013, 4 a.m. article written by MUDGEE GUARDIAN.

The Land and Environment Court appeal hearing between The Mac Services Group and Mid-Western Regional Council has been temporarily adjourned.

The court will resume on Wed 6th Nov 2013.

According to the Gulgong Community Action Group, the adjournment came on Friday because of contentions about The Mac’s storm water management plan in its development application for a $26 million, 400-bed mining village on Black Lead Lane. The Action Group said on Thursday that The Mac has been asked to resubmit the storm water management plan within three weeks for an amendment relating to a neighbouring property; Utopia Birds.

Last Monday Land and Environment Court Commissioner Susan Dixon visited the proposed site for The Mac Gulgong development.

She also witnessed about 100 residents protesting the development before hearing evidence at Gulgong RSL from several speakers. At the hearing last Monday, Mid-Western Regional Council’s Queens Counsel, Sandra Duggan, told the audience Commissioner Dixon had also been instructed to take a walk around the historic town of Gulgong.

Gulgong residents have argued permissibility of a 400-bed mining village on Black Lead Lane is a “finer point” considering potentially damaging social, economic and environmental impacts on the town.

The appeal came about after the Western Joint Regional Planning Panel rejected The Mac’s development application in October 2012. The Panel’s rejection was based around Mid-Western Regional Council successfully arguing temporary workers’ accommodation could be defined as “tourist and visitor accommodation” a prohibited use in the rural zoned site

Our shire has gone through a democratic process to get the disapproval for this camp in overwhelming support from the Australian public - local government - State members and federal members.

This same story has been unfolding in the Hunter town of Singleton where "The Mac" is trying to get a 1500 lot camp on a flood zone over there.

This American Petroleum Company is abusing our democracy by saying we are putting a camp there whether the locals that pay the local rates and taxes like it or not.

They offer beads and trinkets as if back in the jungle, only the beads and trinkets are in the form of donations of goods to the local football club. Nice PR, and welcome 'gifts' to the community but this proposal leaves the locals to pickup all the costs that can't be charged through the local council. In the Hunter, as over here, the local miners are in danger of being replaced by FIFO workers and would put them in the ridiculous situation of having to 'go FIFO' in another town. This move by the mining industry to have a FIFO workforce is explained away for all sorts of reasons - lack of available workers, lack of skilled workers/specialised workers, the availability of '457' workers (imported labour force) etc. but the main incentive for the mines to employ FIFO over locals is due to the tax benefits they derive. Could this mean one day we will see all mine workers having to live in camps around the country?

We need to protect the right to live and work in the same location as our families live so that we can partake in normal living and interaction in the place and society of our choice.

The mining stealth cost!

The unseen cost of FIFO work force can be analysed by looking at the different studies and reports that have found their way to the federal government like the “Tony Windsor" report that has just been handed in on FIFO work-force in Australia.

A FIFO work force is very important in many cases and locations as many mines in the outback don't have any housing and/or infrastructure. The FIFO practice was instigated purely out of necessity and is now being abused and forced on to local communities of any size. We are not trying to abolish FIFO, but regulate it for locations where and what it was designed for.

We need federal recognition and help that the democratic voice of the Australian people is and always stays strong and not just at voting times but always! Lobby your local members of Parliament.

Regional Australia is Under Attack

We would like to thank all those that have helped and lent moral support when it was most needed.

The last 2 year2 have been very stressful but with your help, in the way of submissions and petition signatures, we have conquered what seemed, much of the time, impossible.

From my family and myself, we thank you very, very much.

Many of you may have read in the Aviary Life magazine issue 6, Nov-Dec 2011 page 5 & 6, about what is happening to our breeding facility.

For those that didn't get to see the article the following will give you a pretty good idea.

We have an American petroleum company called "The Mac Group" attempting to set up a Temporary Workers Accommodation (TWA) camp in the adjoining block next door, only 10 metres away from the first aviary. The camp at this stage would go in for 1500 temporary workers.

It would be like getting 1500 new neighbors every week in different locations around your house and aviaries.

It doesn't require much thought to arrive at the conclusion that you would kiss your birds goodbye.

They are trying to get this Development Application (DA) approved within a zoning that prohibits this development.

The Council and our local member are on our side but this is not the time to get complacent.

It has taken us 20 years to get where we are with some breeding pairs, reaching the right breeding age, some take up to 8 years.

It has been 20 years of building and breeding plus working for 20 years, 7 days a week.

Now it could be all gone for the matter of a signature.

There are plenty of other places for this camp to go to but they are set on destroying a small town.

We have been trying to garner a little support, to enable us to continue to provide the services we have over these 20 years, for some more years to come.

A big thank you to all of those who sent in a submission or signed a petition.

What it will do is give the Council and the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) a clearer picture of what Utopia Birds is about and will hopefully be detrimental in the outcome of this nasty story.

We are not against sustainable mining or workers camps in the right location but we and the town do not think that a Temporary Workers Accommodation (TWA) camp 1200 metres from the town is in the best interest for the town and its residents.

There has been considerable work and energy expended in this battle.

We therefore are asking for patience as we are living from day to day.

Thanking you,
Paul & Cheryl Kreuzen.

Single Factor Lutino Pied PK 2330 Blue - Now sold.

After an absence of WA Lutino Galahs last year, we are happy to tell that they did better this year, with two pairs laying clutches.

Sorry all SOLD - unrelated WA Lutino Galahs.

Lutino Hen bird Ring - 41.13 Red

and a Split Lutino Cock Bird ring - 170.13 Green.

At long last some more news!

After some two years of working on this colour,
the Double Factor Dilute and the new Mustard DF Pied is here.

The Mustard DF Pied looks like it is going to be a Mustard Black Eyed Yellow Pied.
These two birds were bred in July 2011, from our Yellow Winged Rainbow Lorikeet bloodline.

This bloodline mainly breeds reverse type Pieds and the parents of these chicks were two

Yellow Winged Olive SF split Dilute Pieds.

These two birds are now sold!

You can read all the details by going to the "Dilute DF Pied" link

Click on the picture above to view details.

WA Lutino Galahs from 2009

The first clutch consisted of 1- Lutino cock bird, 1 Lutino hen bird plus 1 split Lutino cock bird - now all sold. Below are some of the photos of the young.




Sold - Lutino Hen bird -

" Oops! "

!!!!!!! Here is the next clutch and look what turns up!!!!!!!

This is hard to explain, but we have just proven that it is possible to be lucky enough to get two Pastels in the one clutch and that's not where it stops. These two birds were bred by the same two double splits that produced the last Aqua Pastel. This time around we got the (world first??!!) first ever Aqua Grey Green Dilute Melanistic and an Aqua Dilute Melanistic in the same clutch, not bad from expecting only 1 in 16 chicks to be a Pastel!

!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

!!!! ?????

" Mustard Single Factor Pied Rainbow Lorikeet "


More details on what we have for sale click here:
The Main For Sale List and links page.

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