Hand rearing Conure photos.

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These little birds are a bit bigger than a Budgie and are just as easy to look after. Green Cheek Conures originate from Brazil, Bolivia and northwest Argentina. Now that this bird is well established in Australian aviculture, it is becoming available to the pet market at a reasonable price. These little birds are affectionate, love human companionship and interact well with the family. We have had one in our household for the last two years and cannot fault them. They are quiet and do not stress when left during the day with a few toys, till the family gets home. Being a small bird, a medium cage is all that is needed. Some people have found these birds have even bred in their living room when given a companion of the opposite sex. Really, these birds are a little undiscovered treasure to the pet world and when discovered the breeders won't be able to breed enough of these beautiful birds. We have road tested many pet birds through the years and the Green Cheek Conures have earned their place at the top of the list when compared to many other species.

Green Cheek Chicks

young sun conure

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