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The pied Rainbows was a late acquisition to our breeding program but we knew that this colour would be in demand for may years.. This colour makes people take a second look. These birds have an extremely long future because it can be used with so many other mutation colours. There are exciting times ahead in the lorikeet group and this mutation will play a big part in it. The pieds are Co/Dominant in their genetic make up, splits (or streakies) are considered to be Single Factor and coloured pieds Double Factor.

  Olive Single Factor Pied.  Olive Single Factor Pied.

A bit of history. In our 2001 breeding season we managed to breed our first few streakies and two pieds. It would've had to have been the most exciting birds bred that year. To see that first chick with all white down and white feet and white toe nails was quite a sight for sore eyes.

I think that the surprise factor of the pied line makes it more exciting to breed than solid coloured birds where you lose the challenge to breed better colours. It will be interesting to see how much colour we can breed into a single factor streaky without it becoming a double factor.

Single factor streaky pieds have light feet with black toenails and varying degrees of light to white down Many people that have visited our place have commented that the steakies are stunning looking in their own right, a bit like the Blue streaked lory.

In 2002 we bred our first Olive Grey-green Pied which was a very pleasing bird to look at. It gave the Pied a bigger contrast of dark and light colours.

  Olive Single Factor Pied PK1301 Green.  Olive Single Factor Pied PK1301 Green.

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