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Mutation explanation

There are only four mutations applicable to this auction.

They are the:

Recessive gene.


Dominant Grey Green.

Double factor Co-Dominant Olive.

For simplicity:

Recessive gene applies to: Cinnamon ( Dilute ), Blue fronted ( Melanistic ),Fallow colours

Sex-linked mutation applies to: Lutino colours

Dominant gene applies to: Grey Green (Olive) Yellow winged part of the Pied colour.

Single & Double factor Co-Dominant gene applies to: Jade & True DF Olive, SF & DF Pied colours.

The Recessive gene.

This gene applies to the Rainbow and the Red-collared Lorikeet in all colours apart from the Pied, Lutino and the Olive colours. It mainly means that you need the gene on both side of the sexes to breed a coloured bird.

The Recessive splits are not a visual split, so look normal but carry the gene!

Normal X Recessive split = 50% Normal + 25% Splits + 25% possible Splits.

Recessive Colour X Normal = 100% Recessive Splits .

Recessive split X Recessive split = 25% normal + 50% Splits + 25% Colour.

Recessive split X Recessive Colour = 50% Splits + 50% Colour.

Recessive Colour X Recessive Colour = 100% Recessive Colour.

The Dominant gene for the Grey Green/Olive.

This gene is fairly simple: When bred to a normal it either shows the colour up or it doesn't.

That means, any bird that doesn't show this colour gene, will not carry it in it.

So this bird bred to a Normal shows either the colour or not and there are no splits involved.

Roughly it goes like:

Grey Green X Normal = 50% Grey Green + 50% Normal and is not split for the colour.

The Dominant Pied gene.

This is a Double factor gene that applies to the Pied birds bred at Utopia birds.

The pieds have been bred by different breeders for some time now and the general consensus for this gene group is: Recessive - Co/dominant. .

As a rule splits in recessive form, don't show any colour.

Therefore the Pied Rainbow lorikeet has to be a Co-dominant bird until someone can prove this theory wrong.

Also, when this gene is bred to a normal you get 65% outcrossed visual splits (SF) that colour up in their first moult.

Single factor chicks have white down on the head and the neck area and some have lighter down all over. They can also have lighter skin pigment on the feet and legs for the better coloured birds.

Double factor chicks have mostly white down, with white toe nails and feet. In some bloodlines there is still some grey down and darker toe nails and dark stripes on the mandible

Breakdown of the Pied Rainbow gene:

This applies to this group of birds and isn't to be confused with other types of bird pied genes.

Rule one
The Pied young, single factor and double factor, colour up in their first moult irrespective of how much or how little colour they are born with.

Rule two.
This gene is Co-dominant and works similarly to the True Olive double factor gene.

These results are from our breeding results and don't represent any text already about.

Normal X single factor = 65% single factor pied and 35% Normal.

Normal X Double factor = 90% single factor pieds , 10% normals.

Strenght of the Single Factor colour will depends on the strenght of the
Double Factor colour used.
The stronger the colour, the more colour will be past on to the offspring.

Single factor X single factor = 60% single factor pied + 40% double factor pied.

Again, these results are purely from our breeding results and don't represent any text already about.

Single factor X double factor = 50% single factor pied + 50% double factor pied.

Double factor X double factor = 100% double factor pied.

Last but not least! birds out of the wild with red feathers do not necessarily carry the pied gene.

These birds aren't proven until they are test bred.

The Yellow Winged part of the Pied gene.

We have accepted that these Pieds are different and have two genes in the gene makeup.

Firstly we have the Co-dominant part explained above, secondly we are working with a Dominant factor like the Grey-Green colour.

Instead of making the colours darker like in Grey-Green it is making the gene colour more advanced and lighter.

The gene producess yellow flight feathers in Single Factor form and advanced pied colouring like reverse and clearwinged to Black eyed Clear Yellows.

We now have bred this gene in most Pied forms like: SF & DF in -normal, grey-green, Dilute, Mustard and Blue fronted.

The colours of the beak,toes and skin colour are lighter than that of the other pieds.

The Lutino colour is a Sexlinked mutation

The Lutino sex-linked gene works as follows:

This gene is a little hard to get your head around, but if read often enough it will make sense.

Remember this :
the Female can not be split for the colour,
only the Male can be split.

Lutino Male X Normal Female = Split/Lutino Males & Lutino Females.

Normal/ Split Lutino Males X Normal Female = Lutino Females, Normal Females And possible Split / Lutino Males.
These males will need to be test bred to see if they are split Lutino.

Normal Male X Lutino Female = Normal / split Lutino Males & Normal Females

Normal/ Split Lutino Males X Lutino Females = Normal / split Lutino Males Lutino Males Lutino Females Normal Females

Lutino Males X Lutino Females = Lutino Males Lutino Females.

Clear as mud like I told you, read again and again.

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