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Double Yellow Headed Amazon
We were contacted by one of our customers who'd bought a Double Yellow Headed cock bird from us in 2008 for a pet bird.
He sent us some the video clips of what this bird gets up to and how well it can talk and sing. Looks like our Aussie birds/keepers can keep up with the American handlers!

To have a listen and see what the bird looks like now watch the youtube clips, you will get a good laugh. "Mary had a little lamb"

This is a short one (1.23 min).

This is the longer one (10 mins)

This is for those customers who ask if our birds talk - they do, but...
all credit goes to the owners of this bird as they are the ones
that taught this bird to talk as well as it does!

Pictured below are the parents of those first two young at the age of three years.

This pair are our most coloured up pair for their age.
The young below are their first two chicks.

2008 Young just hatched.

08 Young just hatched.

The Double Yellow Headed Amazon is a captivating type of bird, full of character and of course colour, which improves and increases as they mature. Considered by some to be the most beautiful of the Amazon species and much sought after for their winning ways.

2017 Young at 1 - 3 weeks old.

2017 Young at 1 - 3 weeks old.

2017 Young at 2 to 7 weeks old.

2017 Young at 2 to 7 weeks old.
Visually striking with green body plumage, bright yellow head and red edges on the wing shoulder, they have ivory beaks & flesh coloured feet. They share the ivory colour beak with the Panamensis sub species of the Ochrocephala family group, the Yellow Crowned being the nominate species in this group of 8 Different subspecies.

08 Young at 10 weeks old.

 Young at 10 weeks old.

 Young at 10 weeks old.

The Double Yellow Headed (DYH) Amazon is quite the most colourful. A fully coloured up DYH Amazon takes about 5-8 years to achieve their full colour and it's quite exciting watching them do this over the years.

In 2008 we managed to breed one of the '05 purchased pairs, they laid two fertile eggs at three years of age and produced our first two young.

 Young at 10 weeks old.

08 Young at 10 months old.
This is the brother too the bird in the youtube clips.

 Young at 10 months old.

Double Yellow Headed Amazons

The 2009 Breeding/handrearing season.

Being highly intelligent and sociable the DYH Amazon thrives on attention and interaction with their keepers. They're a friendly, inquisitive parrot and will respond well to speech training. Many pet DYH Amazons gain an extensive vocabulary and being experts at mimicry some even learn to sing! Due to their happy, outgoing, fearless nature they're natural entertainers.

The DYH are robust birds that will eat almost anything and are, like all Amazons, not that hard to look after. Some lucky people are getting the chance to buy these birds now for their family pets as a few birds are becoming available

Our introduction to these lovely birds started in 2004 when we purchased a young pair for our breeding facility and in 2005 we added two more pairs to begin our foundation breeding stock.

The 2010 Breeding/handrearing season.

The 2010 Breeding/handrearing season.

Same bird in 2014 with it's mate, now both 4 years old.

Taken in 2016

The 2012 Breeding/handrearing season.

The breeding season starts from September/October

Every year this type of bird is becoming more popular as a pet or breeder.
Don't miss out again this year.
All birds will be handreared from the egg and suit pet or breeder potential.

Taking orders Now for this season!

If there is anything of interest to you, give us a call to ask for further details regarding these birds.

Mobile: 0409 908 166

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