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Conventional aviaries

Conventional - suspended aviarie.

First conventional complex built of 12 cages,

6 face North and 6 West

Conventional - hallway.

The hallway entrance for the same complex

Conventional - suspended aviarie.

Breeding results have been similar for both sides.

Conventional - suspended aviarie.

These nine cages are what we like to call

our conventional-suspended cages

As you can see most of the droppings have a chance to fall through the mesh.

Cages are only 3.5m long and could do with an extra 1m

Conventional _ suspended hallway and feeding station.

All cages have feeding stations in the hallway

This cage is used to free fly / excercise & for

the benefit of pairing birds

For sale row, cages to hold birds for sale

Our For sale row where we keep birds for further breeding

and the birds we have for sale

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