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Dilute Redcollared (Cinnamon)

The Cinnamon Redcollared lorikeet is a recessive mutation known in genetic terms as a ' Dilute ' and is not a true Cinnamon which would have red eyes.
The jury is probably still out as to whether Dilute is the right name for this mutation either, as it doesn't have the colouration of a true Cinnamon.

Cinnamon Redcollar cock bird

Below we have a beatifull Western Australian Redcollared Lorikeet from the Kimberley region. These birds are more intensive in their colouration then the birds from the Northern Territory - Darwin region. This bird is split for Dilute.

Normal WA Kimberley Redcollar lorikeet.

The name above lists this as a Cinnamon Redcollared Lorikeet, the name cinnamon was adobted as a shelf name to sell these bird. The mutation is the same as the Cinnamon Rainbow Lorikeet a DILUTE mutation. This mutation has a recessive gene.

We all at Utopia Birds have been working towards this new colour since the middle of 1997.It was originally bred from a Cinnamon Rainbow Lorikeet bloodline. It has been a challenge and a lot of work, but we think worth it. Although we have a long way to go we have so far some nice looking birds.

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