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Aqua Dilute Rainbow Lorikeets

The Dilute (Cinnamon) Rainbow lorikeet is a recessive mutation known in genetic terms as a ' Dilute ' and is not a true Cinnamon which would have red eyes.

The jury is probably still out as to whether Dilute is the right name for this mutation either, as it doesn't have the colouration of a true Cinnamon and it has only diluted the green feathers of the birds and therefore is not a true Dilute either.

Dilute Aqua ( Cinnamon ) Rainbow Lorikeet.

Aqua Cinnamon Rainbow lorikeet

Aqua Cinnamon Hen

It should have diluted the yellow and red colouring as well. At the very least it should have diluted the yellow, yellow being one step away from green.

Just the same it is a very beautiful coloured bird that we should be proud of having in aviculture.

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