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We mainly concentrate on the breeding of parrots with some pet potential.
For the first 10 years we were breeding a steady supply of Lorikeets,
Broad-tailed parrots and Conures for the pet market.

Double Yellow-headed Amazons

Since then, we have been working with different species of
Amazons & Macaws and other exotics.

We are also establishing new mutation colours in Rainbow and
Red-collared Lorikeets for the breeders' market.

Yellow-winged reverse Dilute DF Pied Rainbow Lorikeet.

There are quite a few pages with information about hand rearing details,
which are our own detailed data collected from
the years we have been breeding.

This information is to give back to those who have supported us in the past
and the new breeders venturing into aviculture.

We hope to create new pages as we find time.

For now, we at Utopia Birds hope you will enjoy
your journey through our webpages and hope
to see you back to view what is the
latest on our for sale list.

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